What we do.

Standard Pro Cleaning


  • Vanity Exterior

  • Sink(s) & Faucets

  • Tubs & Showers

  • Mirror(s) & Glass

  • Spot Clean Cabinets

  • Toilets


  • All Counter Tops & Tables

  • Island Exterior

  • Sink(s) and Faucets

  • Wipe Down All Exterior Cabinets

  • Vacuum & Mop

  • Stove Top

  • Exteriors of Appliances

  • Completing Dishes in sink, if requested


  • Vacuum

  • Mop if (non-carpeted)

  • Make Bed(s) if requested

  • Dust Furniture

  • Mirror(s)

All Areas

  • Empty All Receptacles 

  • Dust Furniture

  • Vacuum & Mop

  • Dust Window Ledges

  • Dust Surfaces

Deep Pro Cleaning (extra charge for some)

  • Interior Cabinets/Drawers

  • Blinds, extra charge

  • Baseboards & Crown Moldings

  • Interior Of Windows

  • Inside Microwave, extra charge

  • Inside Oven, extra charge 

  • Trash Hauling, extra charge

  • Heavy Duty Cleaning, extra charge

  • Window Seals, extra charge

  • Fireplace, extra charge

  • Tile/Grout Cleaning (with Steamer), extra charge

Move in/Move out Pro Cleaning  (extra charge for some)

This service would include both our Standard Pro and Deep Pro Cleaning as well as. (if applicable)

  • Behind Fridge

  • Behind Dryer

  • Behind Washer

  • All Vents

  • Inside Fridge (Shelves removed washed and wiped down)

  • Interior Doors

  • Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

  • Removal of unwanted property and/or garbage, extra charge

  • Light Switches, Doors & Door Frames

  • Walls


PLEASE NOTE: We try our best to work fast and efficient however, time constraints may limit our ability to accomplish or complete all the above listed tasks within an appointment. We encourage all clients to have cleaning priorities ready for our Pro Cleaners. Extra projects and additional time may be purchased before appointment to allow us to meet your needs. 

Heavy Duty is defined as the following-

homes that have excessive pet hair, excessive dust, excessive grime, or have not been maintained or cleaned in a long time (2+ months). Additional charge will be added. All quotes are subject to change at any time based on these factors.


These services are never included in any appointment.

  • Pet Waste or Materials

  • Carpet Cleaning (other then Vacuuming)

  • Mold Removal

  • Extermination Services 

  • Moving Furniture

  • Biohazard Materials

  • Lifting Over 20 LBS

  • Excessive Clutter

  • Homes Without Hot Water or Power